Things to Know Before Hiring A Software Development Company

These days people want their company on the top, so they hire software Development Company. But the thing is what things to check first before hiring any company are. Today in this post, we will discuss the crucial things to check prior to hiring software Development Company in India.

Various Steps to Check for Software Development Company in India

Gather information about company

Software Development Company

The first thing you should do before hiring a software development company is gathering the whole information about the company which you want to hire for your organization. If you choose the wrong software Development Company then your company and you will suffer from the loss. Same will apply to choose a Mobile App Development Company.

Research on the internet

It is the best thing you can do while sitting at home. You can search for the best company on the internet. There is no doubt that the internet provides us a full knowledge that we want. You can also find the top software development company for your organization on the internet. Since you will get an unlimited number of results for the software development, but you have to choose the top most companies from the searches.

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Check the public reviews

You can also check the rating on the internet which is given by the persons who hire the software development company in India for their company. It is the easiest way to find the best software company. You can also read the positive and negative comments which people give to that software development company, it will help you to choose the top company for your business.


You can also take the advice from your friends those hire the company for their business. It is also the better way to choose the best software development company. Many times your relatives, family, friends or any other person give reference to you for that software development company.


It is very true that software development companies are costly. You can search the price of the top software development companies on the internet and can hire that company which is in your budget. But if you choose the top and famous company for your business then it will help your company to become the most trending company in the market. It will also increase the goodwill of your company.

Visit to them

After searching the all companies on the internet you should select the 3-4 famous software development companies and then you should visit those companies. If you go there physically then you come to know about that company that how they deal with their customers or is it beneficial for your business or not. After visiting all companies you can easily choose the best software development company for your business.


To become the trending or reputed businessman in the market you should hire the best software development company for your organization. For choosing the too company for your business you should focus on some little things which we discuss above.

Ranthambore Safari: Annual Meet & Review 2018

Good organization or professional environment is just not having marvellous paintings on the walls or having wide spaces between the desks. Well, culture and how they are dipped in cultural activities, in spite of having a good command of professionalism, makes an Organization good and productive.

Annual Meet & Review

Being a part of this organization, I gladly sharing this post on our recent Office Trip (Annual Meet & Review) to Ranthambore. It was marvellous to experience. It gave us the time to create a much better bond between the leaders and main pillars of the Organization.

Jim Corbett Trip
Jim Corbett Pool

It is really a proud moment for us at India Interactive, that we have had five-consecutive Annual Meet & Review. This saga of office trips, started from Jaipur in 2014, next year in Sigri (Uttarakhand), then in Jageshwar (Uttarakhand), marvellous on a safari in Jim Corbett National Park (again in Uttarakhand), and this year, we went on safari in Ranthambore (Madhya Pradesh).

From Agra, we have to first reach, Sawai Madhopur and from there to the resort. SEO and Digital Marketing team, Web Designing team, Graphic Designers, and Web Development team, all pilled-up in company’s compound and we headed in the very early morning. We made 8 hours journey, 10 hours, just because we all wanted to see that charismatic, beautiful waterfall.

Damoh Waterfall (Dholpur District), is really a gift to Rajasthan and the best part of this beautiful place is, it is less-known. As we were there in the mid-monsoon, the petrichor, the lush green fields, and the murmuring of birds made our trek to a waterfall, tremendous. It was quietly much more fun there than the expectations.

The heart-pounding sound of water, falling from about 50 feet high was indescribable. Not only the waterfall made our way amazing, but the way itself is so nice that we just couldn’t be able to escape. We crossed small water (fast flowing) stream by building up a chain, few of us slipped due to the moss, and very few lost their floaters.

It was quarter past 3 when we arrived at the resort in Sawai Madhopur. That day was really a very tiring (worthy) one, we had lunch then some rest. In the evening, we had the pleasure of listening Rajasthani folk songs and the craziest part was, our dance on those folklores.

Fun Time

I personally don’t know that other organizations do that or not but my company is simply awesome. Let me just tell you little about the last year’s, Jim Corbett Trip. It was of 5 days trip, they are not just days, and they are bombastic. We all went through Army training, some of us learnt swimming, and many just got over there coyness. And that is all we need in a corporate world, as well as in daily life.

A trip with mates, tell us the answer to this question ‘Is I am in between right people?’ and ask me, the answer from inside-me was ‘YES”. Sharing a room with guys, who just meet in the office hours is sometimes all that we want from a daily hectic schedule. A beer-bottle in hand at the pool-side and delicious food to it makes perfect sense of office-trip.

We have visited the Rajiv Gandhi Regional Museum of Natural History, a picture-perfect place for the nature-lover. Ranthambore Fort, which was in the main region of Ranthambore National Park. We have spotted dancing Peacock, deer, and lots of langurs (colobines). Unluckily, we couldn’t be able to spot a tiger or a cub.

This was the beautiful Annual Meet & Review 2018 (office trip) and it ends in the same way, as good things happen. Though this chapter has many pages, let them in our memories only. And the Saga of trips will get a new one, every year.

Augmented Reality in SEO – The Era of Turning Technology

In this post, we are going to discuss Augment Reality and its effect on search engine results (Search Engine Optimisation). Believe me, it is going to be legend-wait for it-dary, legendary, companies like Apple and Google are planning to have it as a there most amazing feature. Continue reading “Augmented Reality in SEO – The Era of Turning Technology”

How to Generate Money by a Website or Digital Presence

According to this rapidly growing digital industry, every year thousands of domains are registered and very few could survive in this competitive market. In diving deeper into this post, you will get to know that how you can generate money by having an eye-catching and call-to-action website.

generate money by a website

Your business needs a good idea and a website. Your digital presence is often the first interface of your company that an organic customer encounters. And to make that customer a reliable and frequent, your website must show all the services provided by you. So, you need a responsive website to make an appeal to those customers.

Follow these steps to get an amazing website:

SEO services in Agra

  • Complete Analysis and Domain Registration

Take this step as the basic need in the field of getting an online presence. A complete research of the field into which you are stepping, will directly proportional to getting more leads.  After getting an unbeatable idea, you will be in deep need of Web Design Company. So make your step with all the precision and get a good domain.

  • Website Designing

It is the main part, in fact, it is the part which is going to pull leads into your business. A good actionable website works as the prey for customers who are looking that specific service. I mean if you are selling caps than your website should be that much elegant that it could captivate the visit of a caps lover.

Provide each and every information about the products, so that a visitor or customer could easily find out that you are a genuine firm and having no falsified mind. Place relevant information on the website.

  • Make Sure your website should be protected from all corners

In this today’s competitive world, every single person tries to get on the top by hook or by crook. And ruining a website is a much simple task for competitors (Note: that website which does not have SSL certificate). A website SSL certified is far way ahead of any evil-eye and eventually provide a good amount of traffic.

  • It’s time to make an organic presence

After assuring that you have a website, which is good from all the way around and ready to deliver your products and services. It is the time to do Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of the website.

Allow me to clear this term –SEO, it is obvious that many of you are wondering that what the hell is this SEO? Let’s take it by this example. You are having a basketball and you want to sell it. But your friends already have one. So now the question is how will you sell it? And to whom you will sell it?

You will start posting ads in newspapers and on any platform so that a genuine buyer will contact you and will buy it if it will be in good condition. Same works in this.

To get more organic traffic or leads, you must be on the top page of any search engine. And to make it to the top, you must get SEO done properly. There are many SEO companies but it is good to get in the locality like I am living in Agra so I will look for SEO services in Agra only.

SEO services

These above are the steps to get your presence in this immense digital world and generating money by serving or selling your services. There are other many ways to generate revenue from a website.

Before getting into it, I would like to start it by giving this example. In your city, there is a very busy crossing, almost half of the city cross it in a day.

As it used to be this much busy, most of the big companies want to post their new schemes in the formation of ads. So, that as much as people can get it and get attracted towards the product. In simple words make your website that crossing.

The very moment your website starts getting a gargantuan traffic, from that very moment the evens will fall into your bucket.


Things to know before hiring an SEO Company

I can understand that your online business is everything for you and of course you want to make a decent amount of money from it. But this can only happen after making its online presence pretty much easier. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) can help you out in that case.

A good SEO will help you to get on the path on which you can make tens of hundreds dollars per month, but a bad SEO can cripple you any existing traffic.

It is very important to choose it very carefully and that’s why I have brought some things to know before hiring an SEO Company.

Before you get into the things, you must know about the types of SEO service providers:

Types of SEOs:

  • Individual SEO consultants – these are nonetheless freelancers who offer their SEO services.
  • SEO companies – These are the companies who have specialized in provide better SERP and have best SEO analysts. Like us at India Interactive, we are the top SEO companies in Agra as well as in India also.

There are lots of variations in freelancers and SEO companies. Some are outstanding, others are just terrible.

As we all keep hearing that, good things never can in low prizes no matter what it is. This funda is also in SEO, a good SEO company will never charge low prizes. Freelancers will do it for you at a low rate but it can hurt your website’s presence.

And there is also the thing that a high price doesn’t guarantee quality work. There are lots of agencies who are simply doing obscenity by charging for a lot and doing nothing. This kind of paths can get away with a lot.

Luckily, you are not an average website owner, you are focused and you at right place.

These are the things which you must be aware of before hiring an SEO company:

How they improve your search engine rankings?

A serious SEO strategy only can take your website high in the search results. Just a random homework and bad backlinks can never set the chances in favour.

All the good SEOs have a predesigned work process, whether they freelance or work for an agency. It can be understandable that they won’t be able to tell you their strategy but they will get back to you with this “We will get it with the on-page optimization, for any loose corner and then we will identify suitable keywords for the website”.

How will they keep inform you if they make any changes to your website?

This is the main reason for which you have to look out for a trusted SEO company, because you have to give all the access to your website to them. SEO needs changes in the websites on a regular basis.

Also, a good SEO company will send you a monthly activity report on your website. It is your genuine right to know and their duty to share it with you.

Will they always follow Google’s best practices?

Every year Google approximately updates 500 algorithms and all of these updates are made just to provide better results for searchers.

Uncle Google has its own rules and he never wants that anyone does not violate them. Many websites are being penalized by algorithms just because of bad knowledge of Google updates.

Is there any guarantee for rank at first in Google?

A freelancer or an agency will never found any difficulty in saying “We will provide you with the top rank in the search engine”. But the truth is no one knows the exact way of Google. Its Google’s habit to surprise webmasters (SEOs).

They can provide you with the guarantee for low competitive keywords or for a very easy keyword. A good SEO company will provide you with the rank easily for such keywords. And if they anyhow get fail in their words, they will pay you back some reliefs.


Keep this always in mind that SEO is a long-term investment. It works on the facts of farming, a good sowed seed will produce a good crop.

It will take months for the good results, patience will work as the booster in terms of SEO.

To drive more traffic or to generate more revenue one surely need a good SEO company. Take action only after picking every pros and con, after all, it regards the future.

Choosing Web Design As A Career Can Be Effective, If You Know The Procedure

The Post-Freudian life is immensely addicted to the visual art. This is like visibility increases the approach to remember. There are reasons behind this. Researchers say that they human brains understand the colorful aspects and the picturesque details much easily than the written stuffs. Thus, if you have that creativity inside you through which you can create an eye catching impression among people. You can definitely take Web design as a career. This is a lucrative field in today’s century. This has been even lucrative with the advanced use of technology among people.

Know the facts and figures

Now, when you decide to start a career on this field, you need to know about the facts and figures on which you have to work upon. There are various aspects that you need to know before you start a career on it. You need to find your creative genre. You need to have a good approach on both the designing and the colors. It is also necessary to understand the strategies to work over the internet. There are different features over the internet, that you need to understand before you start the lay out. Apart from these two features you need to know the various other aspects before venturing into it.


Work for your client

When you are taking Web Development as a profession, you are working in promoting other companies. This is not something that you are doing at your leisure. Therefore, you need tounderstand the facts and figures, through which you can concludewith a valuable work. The company is paying you and therefore, they will be in need of the best work. Moreover, when you are working as a professional, you also need to keep up your good will. For all these concerns, always work with sophisticated and userfriendly technologies.


Use sophisticated software

When you are working with good and sophisticated software, it is evident that you will create that good will for your work. Thus on this note, it is essential for you to grow. Work with the working industries. This will put in high demand and also improve your working skills. The more developed and sophisticated software you work with, the better you improve your skills on it.
When you are working as a web designer or developer, you need to understand the fact that understanding clients is the foremost aspect before you start your work.


Decide for whom to work

You can either start your career as a freelancer or a personal web designer. In this you have to find your own clients and deal with them personally. You can also work in firms that will provide clients to you. When you are working for a web design company, you have to work for the clients that they will be providing you with. Now, it is preferably your choice to decide for whom you will be working for.