AAROHAN – Annual Meet & Review 2019

Being a much-revered web design, graphic design, and a digital marketing company, it is our soulful duty to remain creative. And this very thing doesn’t come easily. We have to taste many things to feel that creativity in ourselves. These are the essence in the air, the kindness in nature, and more importantly, adrenaline rush in the body. And in reference to this, Team India Interactive conquered the Nag Tibba Trek.

Trip Start

Our journey in quest of creativity does not start from here. Every year, we organize AAROHAN! An Annual Meet and Review program where we review our performances, make improvements, cherish our accomplishment and target to achieve something new for the preceding year. Annual Meet 2017 in Jim Corbett, Annual Meet 2018 in Ranthambore, and this time we chose an annual meet with some seasoning of adventure and creativity. Annual Meet & Review 2019 in Rishikesh.

It was a full-pack 3 days adventurous office trip to Rishikesh and Nag Tibba Peak. I don’t want to call it a trip, rather I would like to call it an office trek. Starting from the night of 27th March to the very morning of 31st March. A time full of Passion do to something, compassion for nature, and Madness to let creativity go inside.

Day 01: Annual Meet and Review in Rishikesh

What first came in your mind when you hear the name Rishikesh? Well, if you ask a traveller, enthusiast, and an explorer, most probably you will get the answer ‘River Rafting’. Besides the immense presence of Holy River Ganga and those eye-captivating Himalayan Mountain ranges, Rishikesh is now taken as one of the adventure sports destinations. And this is just because of River Rafting.

River Rafting

Well, this very adventurous sport is one of those things which people like to do in life before they die and literally, this very sport tells enthusiasts that you are living and with all that courage. And yes, we at India Interactive, every single person tasted the fear at River Rafting.

Just upon our arrival at the destined place in Rishikesh, we all were allotted our camps, in which we had an overnight stay. There we all freshened-up, we had a good breakfast and after that, the show began.

Dreadful Adventure: The River Rafting

Those who have done this can relate that they have ticked one more thing in their “to do list”. River Rafting is really an amazing experience to get in life, it just gives us some more stories to tell. And especially that Cliff jumping from the height. Let me explain this, there is a 50 feet high cliff, in the middle of steep mountains and we have to jump from that in the middle of River Ganga. Not aware of how much deep you will go inside the water.

Every Single person of the organization cherished that fear of death. That was a really heart-pounding moment when you pass through the rapids and the strong tides attack full-fiercely on your face. That very moment lets us think, are we still alive? Have we crossed those waves? And the heart screams out YES!

Annual Meet & Review in Rishikesh

Volley Ball

After such a long-run day, we all need a good meal and an afternoon-long nap. And it goes the same way, we had a great lunch and forty-winks too. In the evening, after a high-tea, we played VolleyBall, some did photo-shoot, and some were lost in the middle of those Himalayan Terrains.

Now the time came for which we were there, Annual Meet and Review 2019. The Sun has already gone below the horizon, and the stars were started glittering up high in the sky. Organization’s High Authorities, Co-workers, and supporters too, all were gathered around the bonfire. Starting from our Founder and CCO (Chief Commanding Officer), Mr Manu Dutt, we all reviewed our statistics, planning, and techniques. So that, we could combinedly groom them, if they need.

Annual Meet and Review

After that, the award-giving ceremony took place, all the arduous, focused, and efficient employees awarded with presents and amazing titled certificates. We all have enjoyed that night amazingly, we all were miles away from our corporate world, though it was for a short period of time. We did dance, we sang songs, and even we all have played Hide-n-Seek. Nonetheless, which office trip considered as completed without the Horror talk? Yes, pranked our seniors as ghosts.

This was all from our Annual Meet and Review in Rishikesh. We had a great night in our camps in Rishikesh and we were buckled-up for the next 2 days Nag Tibba Trek. Story to Be Continued…

Why Your Website Needs Good Graphical Representation?

Do you know that most of the websites get ample amount of traffic just because of the best view or amazing graphical representation? And on the very same page, thousands of websites get bounced up just because of not having an eye-soothing view. So, for a growing brand, it is very necessary to have visitor-attracting graphic designing. A good graphic design company can get that job done for you.

Let’s take it as, you have a big house, big in the sense very big, but the interior of the house is just inversely proportional to it. It means the interior of the house is much dull than the expectation. And you will end up with not having any appraisement for that big house. On the very same note, if you have a classic interior you will get all the attention, for which you are worthy. People will start connecting you, they will find all good in you and as a result, you will be happy.

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Developing a website which is infused with some awesome graphics is can be a daunting task for the noobs but for a web design company is it a work for passion and enthusiasm. And for us, it is our sole duty to provide you with the website of your dreams. The website which is user-friendly, mobile optimized, eye-popping, and delivering the thing for which it exists.

How does Google understand Which Website is best?

In this world of online marketing, if we have a website, we just think to get rank on the top of the Google SERP. And behind this phenomenon, there are thousands of factors and out of this, there is one. The SESSION.

This is the factor which starts after the visitors’ visit the website, from that very moment, Google starts its algorithm which counts the time which user spend on the website. The more user spends time on the website, the more Google will think that the website the authentic for the relevant query.

And this will comes when your website is highly optimized from the point of view of Graphics. The Graphic Design of your website should be that much awesome that the user couldn’t be able to click on that red button. Your website should perform like a cut-the-edge, making the user fall in love with it.

Graphic Design Company Should Be Like This

Creative! Passionate! Mindfulness! – These are the qualities which should be the key ingredients of a Graphic Designer. And a Graphic Design Company should be a place where this kind of people can be found.

Graphics Should be Like this

India Interactive, one of the top Graphic Design Companies in India, claims that you will get the best out of the best. After all, this is what we do.

Result-Oriented SEO Services To Successfully Drive Traffic To Websites

Instigating traffic influx is something that every newly launched or establish website wants. And that comes only after having the best SEO services for the brand. Good Organisation provide their best services which provide Traffic for you.

After all, this traffic never comes easily, as the website in its promising stages. And it remains an anonymous entity and struggles to launch something that might bring the traffic inflow.

SEO Workings

India Interactive is greatly dedicated to this cause. We make certain that through their influence, traffic consistently starts flowing into the website without any further fretting. Every SEO Firm providing, Outsourcing SEO India services, successfully ensure that this happens well. And through the right & best of methods and practices.

Backlink process

SEO has a one of its kind way of working. It works on all those forums where the reader and viewer base is there and goes about doing some splendid and hard-hitting promotional tactics.

Tactics that Boost The Visitors : Drive Trafiic

  • Diverse link building
  • Content rewriting
  • Website redesigning
  • Social bookmarking
  • Meta-tagging

All of them get done in a great way by the SEO firm that offers SEO Services. These are some very powerful features through which traffic influx gets successfully triggered. They are organic tactics employed by service providers as people over the internet successfully identify with them and the way they are disbursed.

Marketing Strategy

The message they convey is understood excellently and the credit for this goes exclusively to SEO. The process makes people greatly aware of the way things really happen and creates a window for web users to successfully come and visit the website so that an impact is made well.

Link process

SEO services in India for continuous flow of traffic

  • The website takes a great surge towards the advanced echelons of the search rankings. The momentum in that surge is continuous well through all the most recent novel features that are brought into the barrack and disbursed.
  • This shift in strategy adds a lot of great value to the campaign and visitors of the website get to see something new and different all the time.
  • Hence, it becomes obvious that the user is able to understand with the website and relate with it, which further greatly prompts to the next level.
  • The newness in the website is a really great reason as to why the traffic successfully keeps flowing in and also a reason behind it doing remarkably well.

Why Does Google Penalize You? And How To Get Rid of Google Penalty

Webmasters may not be afraid of Lion but they do afraid of getting any kind of Penalty from Google. Every SEO Executive and Webmaster want that their website should be neat and clean. Also, a website should maintain a decent position in Google’s eye (if not be able to achieve good one).

Holding the hands of God, we are far away from this Google’s destructive gift (Google Penalty).

Google just wants that anyone who searched for anything, get the best of this Web World. And Google has several Algorithms which are so concerned with content that they can do anything, for the betterment of delivering accurate results.

Our deliberate team members of SEO services cross check every single (no matter big or small) point which is in favour of good SEO.

What is a Google Penalty?

Every single second, Google is updating Search Algorithms, so that it can deliver the right thing on the searched phrase. But this fashion of penalizing websites, came into the existence after the Penguin Update rolled out in 2012.

Google Penalty is somewhere alike that in Penalty which we got in classrooms. As the teacher in those days used to give punishment on our mischievous activities, same thing the Google does. Whenever this almighty, detect any wrong thing on websites, he (I would like to call Google, he) feels proud in penalizing them.

Google Penalty is of two types

  • Manual Penalty
  • Algorithm Penalty

Google Manual Penalty

It is of a rare kind. Only 1% of websites get affected of this kind penalty. Google Webmasters manually check for picked websites and hung them till death, if found guilty.

Google Algorithm Penalty

Hundreds of Google Algorithms are working in harmony so that they can give the best results to the searchers. Rank Brain, Panda, Penguin, Page Layover, and many others have their own different work. Like Rank Brain works to give the most updated results, Panda works on Poor quality content, and likewise, other algorithms work in their respective fields.

So, this kind of penalty comes when an algorithm detects anything wrong in the peaceful running of this Search World. And gives mass destruction to the affected websites.

Recognizing a Google Penalty

Search Engine Optimization is so vast that keeping everything up to the mark can be a little daunting task. And sometimes, unluckily, we commit some mistakes that Google can’t able to overlook. And we end-up with getting penalized by Google.

Below are the key points which could indicate that our website got penalized.

  • Try out the basic one: write “site:Your domain” in the search line and hit the search button. If it shows some results them you are all in safe hands. If not, you have to be a worry.
  • Sign-in into your Webmaster Search Console and check out for any message from the team.
  • Keep an eye on the traffic of your website. If any Algorithm update and if your traffic slashes down, it probably gets hurt (Penalized).

How to Avoid a Google Penalty

If your website hit by any penalty, you need not to worry at all. You might be hit the world again by fixing the issues. However, you need to pace up your work and handle the following things.

Make Sure Your Website Up All The Time

You may have compiled some good thing or information on your website and the good part is people loving it. But what’s the good thing in that if your website is always slow, server frequently stays down or showing any kind of error.

Google will never consider your website a helpful one and this might end up with a hitting penalty.

Follow The Latest SEO Trends

Believe me, this is the main factor of getting any penalty. Because if you have not done a proper SEO of your website it will never make to Google’s eye.

Proper interlinking, mobile-friendly, relevant keywords, and many more things state that a website is properly optimized for search engine. Google Penalize a website which is over-optimized (keyword stuffing). So follow the Google rule if you want to stay away from Google Penalty.

Get Rid of Harmful Backlinks

Nowadays, Google is not a bunch of codes, it has evolved into a human being. A human being which is smart enough to figure out a bad way. And some handful of backlinks might tell him that they are the wrong ways.

Use any tool (we prefer using ahref) and list out all the bad backlinks (which have low DR and no follow tag) and disavow them.

Avoid Low-Quality Content

Google Panda Algorithm is all set to check the quality of the content. Like it should not be copied, it should be grammatically correct, and it should meet the demands of the searcher’s query.

Any content found plagiarized or having low readability, it will not get into the SERPs. So, one must be very choosy in terms of content.

Do Not Indulge Yourself in Black Hat SEO

Google Penguin Algorithm takes care of this backlink part.

In today’s date and time, it is not easy to fool Google. Earlier Webmasters used to increase rank in SERPs by using any kind of Black Hat SEO technique. But now, this practice is just frozen by Google Penguin. This algorithm keeps a track of all the backlinks that you are getting for your website.

And, in order to get the best results, we all have to follow it.

SEO Trends in 2019 | 2018 Year in SEO

From the past few years, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) has evolved at a very curate speed. And especially in this 2018. In this year many business owners and SEO experts have witnessed some amazing as well as drastic changes in Search Engine Results Page (SERP). Some got way beyond better ranks and some have just slashed down.

SEO algorithm updates in 2018

Every single day Google keeps updating all the Search Algorithms and on some days updates come in bulk, regardless of their size (Big or Small). They say that “SEO is the field that keeps changing constantly”. However, this 2018 is the great year in terms of SEO. Many big updates were coming in this year and changed the whole ranking factor in Google SERPs.

In today’s day and time, Google depends on 200+ ranking factors. It means, if someone wants a good authoritative, trustworthy, and reliable website then one must have to follow all the Google’s rules and regulations. In a recent tweet, Matt cuts say “Google is going to penalize those sites who have low on-page”. Good on-page SEO is one of the topmost factors (in nutshell).

As we are among the top most Digital Marketing companies in India, we have experienced changes some are good for us and some are just knelt-down in front of Google’s Algos. Some of our sites boosted up like a rocket infused in them and some of our sites struggled but gained that position.

After piling up all the changes and after scrutinizing the sites, we have found out that the sites which had poor on-page, suffers a lot. And the sites which had good and up-to-date on-page, they just accelerated in the search results.

Most Crucial Ranking Factors in the 2018 Year in SEO

Mobile First Indexing

I have placed this factor on the top just because I have experienced the same in many websites. Let me tell you what this is about. Based on searches made in the past few years, they say that about 70% of Global searches generated from mobile devices. It could be smartphones, tablets, or pods.

Mobile First Index

So, Google Webmasters have decided to put the websites on top which has a good view on mobile phones. The sites which have poor visibility on mobile phones, have to suffer a lot in terms of ranking in the top 10.

Mobile Friendly Test

User Engaging and Useful Content

The days have gone in which the Google provides a good rank to those web pages which had content with keyword greatly stuffed. Now, this thing will never go to work. Using this thing will end-up with penalizing the website.

User Engaging Content

Have you heard about the Rank Brain Google Algorithm? Basically, this algorithm works to provide a better rank to the best web pages. In short, if a person searches for something and it found that on a fourth or fifth-ranked web page, directly or indirectly Google gets that that page is the best for that query.


From the very starting of this 2018, on every forum either they have a connection with Google Immediate response team or just the SEO Experts, all were emphasizing on SSL certificate embed websites. Many big SEO firms and bloggers, placing this SSL certificate embedded on the website issue, as the most important factor.

Websites which have SSL certificate are the most trustworthy websites. Google will place them at a good position with respect to the other which just have HTTP instead of https.

Rich Snippets

After the Broad Core Algorithm update, Google just simply allows web pages go up-straight which have rich snippets (good Meta title, description, and alt tags). You must have earlier seen some web pages with the keyword stuffing and when I say Stuffing, I mean it.

Those who changed their snippet, now are in the good area and those who have not, they just have to get it through very lethargically.

These are the top main ranking factors and there are many more on which a good SEO firm or person needs to focus on.

One More thing, I have seen many chatters on some good-reputed forums that Google will soon go to release its big update as the New Year Gift. Sooner or Later we will all (having interest in SEO) going to see some more changes while entering in the New Year 2019.

SEO Trends to Follow in 2019

As the increase in the online searches growing gradually from the past few years, it is obvious to think that Google will come up with more changes and big Updates.

And to maintain that reputation or to gain a good reputation in Google’s eye, we have to follow these below SEO trends in 2019.

Understanding Users Needs

Not a single business will grow if we take users’ needs as granted. No one will be going to come to our business if we do not take care of what users want. And the one who gets this phenomenon rightly, no power will stop him/her.

Does your audience want? Knowing this will be the biggest track changing a thing in 2019. Keeping an eye on the trends in business fields will grow your engagements and queries.

Create Exceptional Content

There are many websites which provide same information on the very same topic but in their different way. How you will get differ from them? How you will go to attract more engaging customers?

The answer is more useful and unique content. The more your content will unique the more you get unique and good visitors on your website.

On-Page Optimization

If you have to win in SERPs you must have to follow all the basic needs of the website in regards to On-Page optimization. The better your on-page, the better your ranking.

Meta Tags, Title, Description, and Canonical URL, these are must be placed properly on every single page of a website.

Also, our web designing and web development team will take care of rendering java scripts and other speed consonants.

Though there are lots of things to implement on a website for better results, the above mentioned are the must things to follow. And they all have taken as the topmost SEO Trends in 2019.

Reputed Mobile App Development Company Develop Innovative Mobile Apps

The right Mobile App Development Company can add value to your business in a number of ways than just development. Their consistent effort made in the right direction will definitely help you to maximize growth and enhance revenues for your app business.

A good development company should be able to not only assist you through the process of development but also provide you with creative input based on their past experience with similar apps. The reputed companies have a team of skilled developers who are acquainted with all the nuances of mobile app development and they know what works and what does not on the app store because they have worked with numerous clients.

Determining who to partner with for your mobile app development is indeed a tricky task. It is important to know what you should look for when you select a mobile development company. Building digital products are relatively difficult. Deciding on a wrong mobile app development company could mean potential delays or bad codes or a poorly designed user experience, and lots of money wasted.

Selecting the right mobile app development company could make the difference between a lucrative and money-spinning mobile business for you and spending money on inefficient code only means a slow decline in business. Hence it is imperative to conduct full research, besides evaluating each potential company you can work with.

Undoubtedly it’s highly challenging for an aspiring application entrepreneur to select an ideal Mobile App Development company that provides user-centric mobile app development services. You must endeavour to appraise if a mobile development company actually is credible, or if they can deliver on time, or if their pricing is in tune with their performance level, and so on.

Mobile App Development Company

However, in order to arrive at a well-informed decision, it is imperative to do your homework before choosing that one perfect mobile development company for you. This is without-doubt a lengthy process and will involve lots of online research, besides in-person meetings, as well as internal team discussions.

Today mobile app users opt for highly customized mobile apps that are exceptionally functional as well as visually appealing. So, a good developer must possess excellent U/UX skills.

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When assessing their portfolio, keep an eye out for attractive looking apps with outstanding user interfaces. Sixty per cent of your application is about creating a functional design and how a user interacts with it. Make sure that team of experienced engineers are working on your app and not only junior engineers.

A certain degree of craftsmanship can only come with experienced and top-notch talented developers. An experienced, hardworking and dedicated team of engineers and designers of mobile development company will be able to complete your project within scheduled time.

In addition, evaluate the mobile development company on their pitches and their previous work record well! You should always talk to some of their current and former clients (client references). You can even check online and read client reviews. This will give you the clearest sense of the app developer’s skill and capabilities, process, and the ability to make on-time delivery.

It is extremely important to select a reputed and experienced mobile development company. Although, it may primarily cost more and choosing a cheaper option may seem alluring on the surface, but in the long run, this works out to more fruitful.

India has emerged as the largest hub of app developers in the world. These days a lot of corporate global business organizations get a dynamic as well as cost effective app designed and developed from reputed Mobile App Development Company in India.

One of the most significant reasons why an individual needs to choose an Indian company for outsourcing mobile app project is that it offers outstanding results with an extremely low investment which suits everyone.

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How to Develop a Graphic Design Portfolio

A graphic design portfolio will be your ideal method to exhibit and showcase ability, creativity, and your endeavours. A graphic design portfolio is critical when trying to pursue opportunities as a designer within a business or as a graphic designer pursuing customers.

graphic design portfolio

The design portfolio may contain any number of things, in many formats. You should include your greatest quality work in your graphic design portfolio. Should you include poor work in your design portfolio only because you’re worried about not having enough bits in your design portfolio, then you may lose job offerings and clients.

It’s much better to get a couple of bits in your graphic design portfolio which showcase your creativity and imagination than have many bits which don’t allow you to build a good reputation as a designer.

Include Your Main Projects in Graphic Design Portfolio

Another step in developing a graphic design portfolio will be deciding which kind of graphic design portfolio that you would like to produce. It is ideal to make one of every kind of graphic design portfolio you are totally ready to provide whatever your employer or customer is ready to look at to judge imagination and your own talent as a designer.

Graphic Design

To make a graphic design portfolio of all printed pages, you need to pick only your very best work, and just the very best quality printed copies. If you’re not certain of the level of your home printer, set the pictures and have them printed for you in a print shop. Pieces and the highest quality may appear fair if not printed using top excellent printing.

You then need to present the bits in a way that is professional. The best colour for a design printed portfolio is black, and professional fashion is leather. This ought to be something that’s a publication, spiral bound, or a situation you can add or remove pieces out of the design portfolio as you advance in your design career.

Graphic Design Portfolio Tools

Most sites also provide you with free site building tools you don’t need to understand HTML. Make sure you register for website hosting with sufficient bandwidth to deal with all possible traffic and the pictures. You will want to pick your items As soon as you’ve your site setup. Display them as thumbnails on a single page, with every scale bit appearing on a different page once the thumbnail is clicked.

Fonts work as the main pillars of graphic designing. Fonts show the creative more creative and appealing. Most of the graphic designers use the Fancy Text Generator to make their work more pleasing. And they include it in their portfolio. 

This will provide individuals with internet access to a online graphic design portfolio. To create professional DVD or CD design portfolios, then you are going to want to acquire a CD or DVD burning tool which permits you to burn images and make tags for jewel cases. You may save individual bits on DVD or the CD, or you could save a copy of your site.

Web Design Mistakes Which Cause Harm

India Interative
Website Designing

A website is like a shop for small businesses and I can say that for big businesses also. Having a good website is like having a well-decorated shop, like every shop, which is beautifully maintained by shopkeepers. And in making a flawless website, some most common web design mistakes need to be avoided. 

Web Design is not a task, it is a form of art. An art that can be used in emphasizing user experience and giving them a better way of researching. A web designer is equipped with powers that can convert a startup into a brand HUGE BRAND!. This post is not only for the owner it will also helpful for web designers too. 

5 Most Common Web Design Mistakes

Huge Mistake #1: Not Using Proper Technology

Here is why: Your prospects and customers are most likely visiting your website using all sorts of different computers, connection speeds and internet configuration settings…

web designing mistakes

What might seem great to a single visitor may not even appear for another! You might very easily have shelled out hundreds or perhaps thousands of dollars to have a website created using the Flash technology, just to find out that a number of your visitors won’t ever see it!

Web Design Mistake #2: Using Improper Approach

The”Internet Catalog” Approach — You find this everywhere. Good, honest and hardworking businessmen and women get online to sell their services or products, and also have a website that contains a link to just about everything they offer on one single page. Well, I do not need to leave out anybody. Should they visit my website, I wish to ensure I have what they’re looking for…”

This way of thinking couldn’t be farther from reality. That is why: There is an ancient rule that goes back to the beginning of direct-marketing on the internet, taught by the richest, most legendary and well-respected internet entrepreneurs ever.

“If you give your prospects too many choices, they become confused and are not sure what to do . Confused individuals never buy anything”

Big Mistake #3:

In reality, this false teaching is accepted as ‘gospel truth’ so often that many web designers will offer to do so to you at no, or little additional cost.

What they do not know is that certain words and phrases must be re-worded (to make it “keyword rich”) or taken out completely, simply to be looked upon highly by the mighty search engines — and this can destroy your sales, literally overnight.

Here is why: If you or a hired web designer optimize your webpage (i.e. any web page designed to market your goods and services) for a higher listing in the search engines, you are going to need to forfeit the pulling-power of your sales copy (i.e. written sales material) just to get those higher listings.

Sure, this may bring you more traffic — but what good is all of the traffic in the world, if your visitors arrive at your site and are not compelled enough to read why they ought to order your product?

For many years, it’s been taught that you must always attempt to find a “balance” of SEO (Search-Engine-Optimization) mixed with promotional copy designed to sell your goods and services.

The reality is you shouldn’t optimize your sales page to the Search Engines. (We can show you precisely how to do so fast and easily and get massive targeted traffic from the Search Engines – without ever touching your sales site!).

Mistake #4:

Having a “Graphics-Based” Website — Sure, graphics can certainly help us to visualize a specific situation or circumstance, product or service. But did you realize that having a graphically-driven site can divert your visitor from your sales message?
In the end, your sales message (or “web copy”) is Your #-1 most significant element in a website that makes money.

Here is why: You’ve got approximately seven seconds from the time your visitor arrives at your own website, to the time that they decide whether to purchase your product, get more information or depart. If you have got a graphically-intensive site, your site will probably still be loading past your seven-second period limitation.

That is a”customer-killer” in and of itself – but the real reason lies within the fact that the larger, brighter and more beautiful your graphics are, the more they will distract your visitor from your sales message. And if your visitor is distracted even for a moment, it might mean the difference between getting a sale and losing a client.

Huge Mistake #5:

Designing a Website with Zero Marketing Experience — Most web designers don’t have any clue how to earn money on the internet, with anything aside from their design solutions. It is not their fault – they simply have no or very little marketing and sales expertise.

In the end, they’re just website designers. But having your website designed by somebody with Zero internet marketing experience is like buying a street-car with no engine… it will not go anywhere, and it will just waste your time and cash!

Our Portfolio


About 650 websites we have designed and developed. We have delivered the thing or a platform to the clients in the same way which they sought after. We have helped them in generating a good quality of money from their websites and from the services they are delivering through them. 

Perfect Agra Tours

We have designed this website and from past many years we are doing all the updates according to the client as well as Google needs. We proud on this and this very website is generating a huge amount of traffic and sales. 

Also, our Digital Marketing and Search Engine Optimization team constantly delivering rank in SERP by same day Agra tour keyword. 

Orchha Palace

A Five-Star property in Orchha. Basically, it is a hotel and convention centre for those who want to see the culture and royalness of India in one place.  We have designed it and delivered the thing which the client demanded. 

Things to Know Before Hiring A Software Development Company

These days people want their company on the top, so they hire software Development Company. But the thing is what things to check first before hiring any company are. Today in this post, we will discuss the crucial things to check prior to hiring software Development Company in India.

Various Steps to Check for Software Development Company in India

Gather information about company

Software Development Company

The first thing you should do before hiring a software development company is gathering the whole information about the company which you want to hire for your organization. If you choose the wrong software Development Company then your company and you will suffer from the loss. Same will apply to choose a Mobile App Development Company.

Research on the internet

It is the best thing you can do while sitting at home. You can search for the best company on the internet. There is no doubt that the internet provides us a full knowledge that we want. You can also find the top software development company for your organization on the internet. Since you will get an unlimited number of results for the software development, but you have to choose the top most companies from the searches.

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Check the public reviews

You can also check the rating on the internet which is given by the persons who hire the software development company in India for their company. It is the easiest way to find the best software company. You can also read the positive and negative comments which people give to that software development company, it will help you to choose the top company for your business.


You can also take the advice from your friends those hire the company for their business. It is also the better way to choose the best software development company. Many times your relatives, family, friends or any other person give reference to you for that software development company.


It is very true that software development companies are costly. You can search the price of the top software development companies on the internet and can hire that company which is in your budget. But if you choose the top and famous company for your business then it will help your company to become the most trending company in the market. It will also increase the goodwill of your company.

Visit to them

After searching the all companies on the internet you should select the 3-4 famous software development companies and then you should visit those companies. If you go there physically then you come to know about that company that how they deal with their customers or is it beneficial for your business or not. After visiting all companies you can easily choose the best software development company for your business.


To become the trending or reputed businessman in the market you should hire the best software development company for your organization. For choosing the too company for your business you should focus on some little things which we discuss above.

Ranthambore Safari: Annual Meet & Review 2018

Good organization or professional environment is just not having marvellous paintings on the walls or having wide spaces between the desks. Well, culture and how they are dipped in cultural activities, in spite of having a good command of professionalism, makes an Organization good and productive.

Annual Meet & Review

Being a part of this organization, I gladly sharing this post on our recent Office Trip (Annual Meet & Review) to Ranthambore. It was marvellous to experience. It gave us the time to create a much better bond between the leaders and main pillars of the Organization.

Jim Corbett Trip
Jim Corbett Pool

It is really a proud moment for us at India Interactive, that we have had five-consecutive Annual Meet & Review. This saga of office trips, started from Jaipur in 2014, next year in Sigri (Uttarakhand), then in Jageshwar (Uttarakhand), marvellous on a safari in Jim Corbett National Park (again in Uttarakhand), and this year, we went on safari in Ranthambore (Madhya Pradesh).

From Agra, we have to first reach, Sawai Madhopur and from there to the resort. SEO and Digital Marketing team, Web Designing team, Graphic Designers, and Web Development team, all pilled-up in company’s compound and we headed in the very early morning. We made 8 hours journey, 10 hours, just because we all wanted to see that charismatic, beautiful waterfall.

Damoh Waterfall (Dholpur District), is really a gift to Rajasthan and the best part of this beautiful place is, it is less-known. As we were there in the mid-monsoon, the petrichor, the lush green fields, and the murmuring of birds made our trek to a waterfall, tremendous. It was quietly much more fun there than the expectations.

The heart-pounding sound of water, falling from about 50 feet high was indescribable. Not only the waterfall made our way amazing, but the way itself is so nice that we just couldn’t be able to escape. We crossed small water (fast flowing) stream by building up a chain, few of us slipped due to the moss, and very few lost their floaters.

It was quarter past 3 when we arrived at the resort in Sawai Madhopur. That day was really a very tiring (worthy) one, we had lunch then some rest. In the evening, we had the pleasure of listening Rajasthani folk songs and the craziest part was, our dance on those folklores.

Fun Time

I personally don’t know that other organizations do that or not but my company is simply awesome. Let me just tell you little about the last year’s, Jim Corbett Trip. It was of 5 days trip, they are not just days, and they are bombastic. We all went through Army training, some of us learnt swimming, and many just got over there coyness. And that is all we need in a corporate world, as well as in daily life.

A trip with mates, tell us the answer to this question ‘Is I am in between right people?’ and ask me, the answer from inside-me was ‘YES”. Sharing a room with guys, who just meet in the office hours is sometimes all that we want from a daily hectic schedule. A beer-bottle in hand at the pool-side and delicious food to it makes perfect sense of office-trip.

We have visited the Rajiv Gandhi Regional Museum of Natural History, a picture-perfect place for the nature-lover. Ranthambore Fort, which was in the main region of Ranthambore National Park. We have spotted dancing Peacock, deer, and lots of langurs (colobines). Unluckily, we couldn’t be able to spot a tiger or a cub.

This was the beautiful Annual Meet & Review 2018 (office trip) and it ends in the same way, as good things happen. Though this chapter has many pages, let them in our memories only. And the Saga of trips will get a new one, every year.