Hospital Management Software

Hospital Management System

Hospital Management System is software which maintains the data of hospital including Employees, Doctors, Patients, Reports, Bills, Complaints etc. It keeps the track of patients, reports, tests and the present status.

This project has GUI based software that helps in storing, updating and retrieving the information through various user friendly menu driven modules. The aim is to maintain the day to day state of admission/discharge patients, list of doctors (consultants), list of medicines, bills etc.

Key Features:

  • Patient entry/discharge details.
  • Laboratory test & department details.
  • OPD test report details.
  • OPD test report details.
  • IPD report details.
  • List of doctors/specialists/consultants.


  • To check occupancy at any point of time.
  • Number o doctors and other staff of duty.
  • Viewing medical history and treatment provided to a particular patient.
  • Preparing medical and accounting reports becomes easy.