Multi Hotel Booking

Multi Hotel Booking Engine

India Interactive offers you a multi hotel booking engine so that you can offer it to your guests or clients. Provide a user-friendly and booking engine to your clients, so that they can get into your radar and might become your valuable clients.

Generate higher revenues by allowing your guests to have advantage of special offers, promo codes, and ability to do group bookings.


  • A booking engine provides a strong platform to build a brand
  • Hotels can have a complete control over their pricing, online booking is just commission free
  • The guest details are recorded during the booking which makes it easier for the hotel to use in in further marketing
  • The online payment feature reduces the manual workload and provides a comfortable and secure platform to the guests


  • Customizable Booking Page
  • Package and Promotion Bookings
  • Optimize Revenue
  • Flexible Pooled Room Allotment System